Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Constantly craving absolut vanilla and diet coke these days. Hmmm. Damn, that was good stuff (thanks Nonz! I luv that drink!)

MMmmm. wonder if i can get my hands on some this coming weekend. tee-hee. That will make my week.

+ + +

Beep. There you go again, making me think. Your messages send mixed signals that i want to just sit you down and ask you upfront WHY.

+ + +

All this packing is making me go crazy. The sad part is, i really want to bring a LOT of stuff. But of course i can't. sheeesh. Talking to numbingly lethargic people over the phone doesn't help either.

+ + +


kay said...

wow, you mean vanilla vodka and diet coke together? sounds yummy.

wanderlust junkie said...

yes!!!! and it is!!! it is sooo divine...mmmmm ;-)

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